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Enjoy the benefits of a pressotherapy machine at home or on location as well.

High-quality product now for home and on-the-go!

Our pressotherapy devices are based on the same principle: an air compressor injects pressurized air into chambers that are inflated one by one. This progressive inflation raises blood to the heart, unclogs cellulite and eliminates toxins accumulated during exercise.

Wide-ranging effect for everyone!

The perfect system for circulation lymphatic system, lymphatic drainage, blood flow and accelerates the removal of waste products from the muscles through massage, fluid and fat expulsion, reduces symptoms of edema, reduction of cellulite, prevents formation of varicose veins, combats fatigue of the body and thus promotes mental resistance. Helps to prevent injuries.

Light, quiet and simple to use!

Operation is very simple. Time and pressure are adjustable. The low weight and compact size make the system easy to carry and move e.g. use in the couch, bedroom, after sports activities or on vacation. The system comes with a remote control and carrying case, excluding cuffs which should be ordered separately according to need and preference.

Pain relief at home!

We help you reduce pain, regain your mobility and improve the quality of your life from the comfort of your own home.

Why therapy at home?

REST at home, you have more time to follow therapy, in peace and whenever you wish.
INTIMACY no discomfort, a more personal treatment.

IMPORTANT! Our devices should always be understood as a useful tool for physical therapy and can never replace the precious role of the trusted physician. We recommend that you always consult your physician before and after treatment.

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Pressotherapy is the technical evolution of manual massage and lymphatic drainage. This makes it the ideal addition to any existing treatment with the physiotherapist or if you wish to travel and do not have to interrupt your treatment or look for a therapist abroad. Pressotherapy is a drainage method that promotes blood and lymph circulation . It is a method used in physiotherapy to relieve heavy legs, retain water and speed recovery after exercise for an athlete. Pressotherapy is based on the principle of lymphatic drainage . A massage of the limbs from bottom to top facilitates blood circulation. In  pressotherapy  , this massage is performed with a device. Discover our full range of pressotherapy devices .


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Medische hulp

Perfecte hulp na of bij uw medisch probleem. Post operatief tegen vochtophoping, spataders en vermoeide ledematen.

Thuisgebruik en mobiel

Eindelijk kan u genieten van uw therapie thuis of op locatie. Licht, stil en draagbaar toestel.

Eenvoudig in gebruik

Geen moeilijke handelingen of complexe technologieën. Gemakkelijk bedienbaar met het interactieve touchpanel.

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Afmetingen van de manchetten

Broekmanchet: Buikomvang: max. 112 cm Aan de dij/ lies is de diameter 68 cm Ter hoogte van de knie 54 cm Aan de enkel/kuit 52 cm Beenlengte:...

Massage programs for Nymph pressotherapy in detail

Nymph 4 – 6 – 8 and Nymph PLUS 6 – 8 The system offers six different programmed massage modes: A/B/C/D/E/F as an option, and the...

Pressotherapy why?

We are going to explain in a simple way the basic concepts behind the world of pressotherapy, who can benefit greatly from it, how...

Varicose Veins

A varicose vein is a vein that is dilated and therefore clearly visible on the skin, or palpable under the skin. Varicose veins are...

What is Lymphedema?

Small lymphatic capillaries spring up in almost all tissues of our body. The lymphatic system is similar to the circulatory system, but instead of...

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We have articles available on our news page to provide you with as much explanation as possible about the devices and their use in different problems. You can find all the articles here: https://www.nymph.be/blog/

Devices from 4 to 12 chambers are available. The main difference here is the more chambers the more targeted the approach and transition from zone to zone. With more chambers there can be finer work on compression per zone.

We offer both devices with a built-in battery and devices that can only work with electricity. The operation of the devices is identical, the only difference is that you do not need a power outlet nearby if you purchase a device with battery, which gives you even more freedom to follow your therapy wherever you want.

We have an article available on our news page with the dimensions for each cuff: Dimensions of cuffs

Because not everyone’s problems are the same we want to let everyone choose their own combination without forcing you to pay extra with cuffs that do not apply to you. Of course you can always ask us for advice and we will gladly help you with the right choice. If in the future you still need a different cuff, you can still purchase and use it on your already purchased appliance.

Nymph will do its best to send the products your way as soon as possible and handle them within the week if in stock, if not in stock please contact us for detailed delivery times of your product.

We guarantee the quality and durability of our products. You can benefit from the legal warranty conditions. Also, because we own the production of the devices, we can also offer you repair within and outside this period.

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