NYMPH the vision

Bloom open and revive!

Because people are less mobile and with our pressotherapy devices they get more freedom of movement, we have come up with the slogan of Bloom open (a butterfly that emerges) and revive! (into the wide world because you become more mobile).

Since we were confronted with breast cancer in our family a few years ago and therefore quickly discovered the additional inconveniences of chemotherapy, mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes. The dysregulation of the lymphatic system , the retention of fluids due to medication and cortisone, the aching legs and tingling, even with the prescribed supplements and physiotherapy, caused me to lose my mobility, to isolate myself and to feel unhappy. We didn’t want to continue to feel this way and after a search for solutions I have pressotherapygot to know, purchased and started using daily. My world has expanded again because of this, I suffer much less from painful limbs, I can control my swelling of arms and legs, which gives me room to move again. My excess moisture is nicely drained, resulting in a weight loss, which also gives me more self-confidence.

Because these pressotherapy devices are expensive, we started looking for ways to have them manufactured and released under our own brand with a medical CE label as cheaply as possible. Our devices are made to identical standards but offered at competitive prices to help fellow sufferers and people in need. Hopefully we can ease the suffering for many people, after all you don’t ask for this. It can certainly help to give meaning to life again and to feel beautiful and self-confident again.


Enjoy the benefits of a pressotherapy device at home or on location.

Team of experts by experience

Because we ourselves have been confronted with certain inconveniences in our lives and needed pressotherapy , we can best assist you and give you effective advice without charging you extra costs.

Free help with your choice

Help with your choice is important, each person has different needs, in order to provide you with targeted assistance, we first listen to your problems and guide you to the correct choice. NB! it is not our intention to replace your medical treatments, but to offer you additional support.

24/7 Live chat and support

We are committed to guiding our customers to the product and accessories that help them without them buying expensive equipment or extras that do not apply to their problem. Also after purchase, we are available to help people and advise them to use the product correctly for what it is for so that you experience an effective treatment.

Story of NYMPH

Nymph (English) or Nymphs are the half goddesses of the flower world, spring and nature in Greek mythology.

Nymphs were beautiful girls or young women. They were the personification of life and nature.

The mythical creature sometimes also has wings, which is reflected in our logo.

The color pink is based on Think Pink for breast cancer patients because we ourselves have been confronted with this terrible disease several times in our family and my wife is also a fellow sufferer, this was our motivation to start Nymph.

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