Massage programma’s voor Nymph pressotherapie

Massage programs for Nymph pressotherapy in detail

Nymph 4 – 6 – 8 and Nymph PLUS 6 – 8

The system offers six different programmed massage modes: A/B/C/D/E/F as an option, and the user can enjoy comfortable compression and decompression by alternately inflating and deflating air.

The massage modes can be easily adjusted according to the user’s personal preferences. In addition, it is possible to adjust the intensity of the massage to perfectly suit the user’s needs. Thanks to the system’s advanced technology, the muscles are effectively stimulated and relaxed, providing relief from tension and stress. The Nymph 4 – 6 – 8 and Nymph PLUS 6 – 8 are therefore ideal for relaxation and reducing fatigue. Choose our Nymph pressotherapy devices and experience the ultimate form of relaxation in your own home.

Explore our massage programs for Nymph pressotherapy in detail. These programs not only focus on slimming, but also offer benefits such as preventing and treating lymphatic edema or DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). In addition, they promote blood circulation for a healthier body. Try them today!

Massage programs:

Mode A:

Mode A is a typical relaxing massage that is effective as a hand massage. It helps relax muscles, relieves fatigue and reduces pain. This mode is normal in intensity.

Mode B:

Mode B is for the prevention and treatment of lymphatic edema or deep vein thrombosis. It helps reduce varicose veins and promote healthy blood flow. It improves blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage and helps detoxify the body. This mode uses sequential pressure.

Mode C:

Mode C focuses on providing deep massage and recovery for muscles. It includes techniques such as sports massage, lactic acid relief and promotion of muscle recovery. This mode uses a double wave motion.

Mode D:

Mode D is designed for slimming legs, arms and waist, as well as reducing cellulite. It uses full pressure over the full cuff to achieve these goals.

Mode E:

Promoting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage can be achieved using B + C (sequential pressure + double wave) therapy. These therapies stimulate blood flow and help reduce fluid accumulation in the tissues. This can reduce both lymphatic edema and the risk of DVT. B + C therapy uses sequential pressure and a double wave to support blood vessels and improve circulation. It can be an effective adjunctive treatment for patients with circulatory and lymphatic drainage problems .

Mode F:

The system uses advanced technology to improve circulation. Through full pressure across the entire cuff, specific goals are achieved. This helps reduce varicose veins and promote healthy blood flow. It is an effective solution for people who suffer from circulation problems and can help relieve symptoms such as swelling and tired legs. With this system, you can improve your circulation in a comfortable and effective way.

Nymph 12

The system offers as many as eight different programmed massage modes: A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H. Also, the pressure per chamber is adjustable allowing for even more specific work.

The modes A to F are idem as above for Nymph 4 to 8.

Mode G:

With multifunctions A+C (Normal+double wave)

A typical relaxing massage that is effective when combined with a deep massage for muscle recovery and the feel of a hand massage. It helps relax muscles, relieve fatigue and reduce pain

Mode H:

With multi-functions A+B+C+E (Normal+sequential pressure+double wave+full pressure+sequential pressure+double wave)



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