Nymph 12 chamber pressotherapy device


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NOTE: With this product there are no cuffs, these must be selected separately! This is so that you can follow targeted therapy without incurring additional costs!

If you are unsure about the use of this product discuss this with your doctor or physiotherapist before purchasing!

Also enjoy the benefits of a pressotherapy device at home or on location. Includes FREE carrying case and remote control.

The perfect system for circulation lymphatic system, lymphatic drainage, blood flow and accelerates the removal of toxins from the muscles by massage, fluid and fat expulsion, reduces symptoms of edema, reducing cellulite, prevents formation of varicose veins, combats fatigue of the body and promotes mental resistance.
Helps to prevent injuries.

Why choose NYMPH 12?

  • We only use high quality materials. No hassle with broken zippers, loose connections and/or worn cuffs.
  • Quiet device. Enjoy your therapy while reading a book or watching TV.
  • The operation is very simple. You can put on the cuffs without help and start the chosen program, set time and pressure.
  • Individual switchable air chambers. Turn off individual air chambers on the device or with the included remote control to eliminate painful areas!
  • Low weight and compact dimensions make the system easy to take with you thanks to the FREE included carrying bag.
  • Cuffs need to be ordered separately according to need and preference this allows you to reduce the cost and only purchase what you really need.
  • European Medical CE approved with 2 year warranty!
  • 12 overlapping air chambers cuffs with non-overlapping air chambers provide uneven pressure distribution.
  • 8 massage programs selectable via intuitive touch screen.

8 Massage programs

Do you have a question about NYMPH? Ask them via our live chat or via Whatsapp. We will be happy to help you!

Weight 4,6 kg
Dimensions 30,2 × 25,4 × 15,8 cm
Technische Specificaties:

12 kanaals pressotherapie toestel met acht massageprogramma’s (A t/m H)
Aansluitspanning 220-240V AC; 50/60Hz
Intuïtieve touch screen
Vermogen 78 Watt
Regelbare drukinstelling 30-240 mmHg (+/- 20 mmHg)
Regelbare tijdinstelling 1-90 min
Afmeting systeem 302 x 254 x 158 mm
Gewicht systeem 4,6 kg
Garantie: 2 jaar
Europees CE certificaat


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